Keeping Healthy Eating Simple | Healthy Redefined

Keeping Healthy Eating Simple | Healthy Redefined

Sometimes I feel like a complete asshole worrying about healthy versus unhealthy food so much. Worrying about whether he notices the cellulite on my thighs as I take my pants off. As if that's important to occupy my mind with... 

We have access to everything. And, yet, we struggle to choose what's best for our bodies. We struggle to occupy our minds with anything of importance - because we are too concerned with how we look.

This isn't a knock against anyone. I am part of the problem.

Healthy food is what gives us life. It's important no doubt. And, yet, we complicate the shit out of it with a million diet strategies. Various different products fill our shelves - which honestly overwhelms me. We overthink it all.

I'm ready to simplify it all. I don't want to buy into the complexities anymore. Let's eat nutrient dense foods. But not obsessively.

Let's eat so that we can focus on the things that matter! Because when we are healthy, and not constantly thinking about it, we can be present in the moment in whatever capacity that is. Our relationships, families, careers, our community.

Who's with me?

I'm done filling my brain with things that make me feel inadequate, flawed, or an object to be fixed.

Let's keep this simple. Eat nutrient rich food, mostly. Move in ways that challenge you and yet feel good! 


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