And so I give my body what it needs to thrive.

And so I give my body what it needs to thrive.

I don’t actually give a f*ck about being healthy. Not for the sake of being healthy and being admired simply because I’m able to follow some nutrition guidelines.

I do however give AF about living a full life. And this requires focus on giving this body what it needs to thrive.

Most of us don’t actually care about being healthy. Which is why we go through cycles. Someone posts a before & after, we feel something, and decide to try something new. We see progress / results and then we revert back to old habits. Because, well actually - we don’t care. At least not as a soul purpose.

Let me be straight with you here. Eating healthily isn’t actually that hard and none of us should be praised for it.

But, what you DO with that health. That’s what I give AF about and it’s actually all any of us truly care about. If you have a six pack just so that you can take photos for Instagram likes, I’m not really interested. But, if you have a 6 pack because you are truly living your best life, then I’m so damn proud of you!

I see it in a whole new way now.

I didn’t heal my relationship with food & my body because I wanted to be healthier per se…

My driving force was a deep desire within me to live a better life. Even today what convinces me to move my body and give it nutrients is to be able to do the things I want to do - to live more - love more - and succeed in ways that make me happy.

Maybe some people gain purpose in their life through leading a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I lead a healthy lifestyle when I have a greater purpose.

My driving force is having a joyful / challenging purpose. And so I give my body what it needs to thrive.

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