I was stuck in a plot line that wasn't mine.

I was stuck in a plot line that wasn't mine.

// I just woke up one day and thought 'this isn't my life story'. //

... at least not anymore.Ā 

I was stuck in a plot line that wasn't mine.

Ever feel that way?

The thoughts in your mind are causing you to take one path, but then you know it's not the path you're meant to be on?

Truth is... I was scared. And felt stuck. You know? Like sinking into the ground, roots spreading trying to keep you there.

A tree in the wrong forest.

But those roots are planted so deep.

So you think... I have to stay here. I planted these roots.

But it's not right. It's a constant ice storm and your branches can't take the hit anymore.

The birds are chirping, but they're singing a song that makes you cringe.

And so... slowly, you start to make a move.

Knowing that you aren't meant to be in this story that you've planted yourself in.

You realize that you aren't a tree. And you can uproot and move into the plot line you were always meant to be a part of.

The plot line where the birds are singing a song that brings you to life. Where you're doing more of what you love and less of what you hate. Where you're fueling your body, fueling your mind, and fueling your soul the way you were always meant to.

You realize that you get to choose the story you live.

And that moving into that story isn't so scary after all. You just have to know that you get to choose it.

I just woke up one day and said 'I'm not doing this anymore'. I care about my happiness way too much to be this sad. To be this stressed. To take myself so damn seriously. To live a story that was never meant to be mine.

And that's just it...

The thoughts that were keeping me in that story... they didn't belong to me.

And so it is.

This is life.

And, you and I get to live it on our own terms. To the beat of our own heart.


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