When Did Weight Loss Become A Woman's Life Purpose?

When Did Weight Loss Become A Woman's Life Purpose?

We spend so damn much of our precious lives focusing on how much we weigh, comparing ourselves to women on the internet. Before and after photos.  Obsessing over what size jeans we wear. Wondering if calories are really creatures that sneak into our closets and sew our clothes tighter in the night.

The jean size thing is hilarious because it's all dependant on where the heck you buy them, who was cutting the fabric that day, and so on... there is no standard in women's sizing - let's be real! 

We lose touch with our life's purpose. Lose touch with what it's like to eat for nourishment, move for joy. What’s right in front of us. We stress so much about how our butt looks that we aren't present to all of the wonderous things happening all around us!

I’m not saying that weight isn’t worthy of attention, but that everything we’ve been taught is disconnected from all factors of health - and being preoccupied with it is a huge distraction from LIFE. This idea that healthy has a size is B.S. 

We need nutrition. We need to stop idealizing certain body types and start idealizing health & happiness. And when we act from our TRUEST desire of being healthy and happy - we are ensuring our body is supported... and thus our life is supported. And we've got to stop thinking about our body like a life-long project & do sh*t that matters in this lifetime.

We need vitamins. Nutrients. That infiltrate the cells of our body. Energy & focus to live life on purpose. 

You with me?

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