When you just can't get results...

The reason why we are unable to get the results that we desire is because we keep sabotaging our progress. Yep. That and not trusting the process and ourselves...

You're probably like "Yea, I know..."

BUT.... Here's what you don't know. The missing link to getting what you want.

It doesn't simply come from actions or not being able to take certain actions. It's not a lack of motivation or willpower - seriously - those both run out of power and are not rechargeable. 

And as you keep trying to make progress to eat better and feel better in your skin... you are stunned when there nothing is happening. You're not feeling stronger, the scale won't budge, and you continue to feel your energy pull you down through the day. So... maybe you even begin to think about giving up. "Maybe this simply isn't going to happen for me". 

So here we go... there it is right there. Our beliefs, whether subconscious or conscious, are stopping us from taking true aligned action to what we truly desire. In other words - those beliefs are causing you to take actions that sabotage your progress and feed those limiting beliefs and doubts. 

Listen to the voices in your head and even what you are saying out loud. Are you continuously saying to yourself that you are slow, low energy, not good enough, unable to control yourself around food? You might even say, "But Kat that IS true."

Here’s the thing... it’s going to stay true if you keep thinking that.

If you genuinely want anything to change you’re going to have to start by changing your beliefs. Your beliefs about your current situation, and your beliefs of what’s possible for you.

If you can’t change your beliefs then it’s going to be a major struggle to consistently take aligned actions. So if you’re thinking that everything that you’re doing feels hard, like a continuous struggle, and that everything seems impossible for you to take action on then you will always be right and you’ll never improve because you’ve chosen to believe old stories about yourself that stop you in your tracks. Stories that don’t allow you to move forward and to achieve what you want to achieve.

You were born worthy, strong, capable! These stories that are holding you back are just stories. And you are in the driver seat. You get to take the lead and change your story. You get to believe in yourself. 

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