Why I Stepped Away...

Why I Stepped Away...

I've been quiet for a while. Aside from a couple re-posts and recipes. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't! 

I will say that I am so glad to be back writing to you. 

And, I have some explaining to do. 

I was engulfed in the internet/online marketing industry telling me what strategies to follow for success (kind of like the dieting industry... pulling us in all different directions if we allow it). I so desperately wanted to build a successful business that I stopped listening to my intuition and truth, and began following those strategies. The ones that are supposed to pull people in. 

The strategies that are there to convince you that if you don't buy my thing - you're choosing to stay where you are. 

And HOLYYYY does that feel *ick* to me. 

So, I took some time to step away from this blog & business to reflect on what I truly wanted this space to be about. I did some really honest check-ins with myself as to whether I was being authentic or not. In my writing, in my intentions behind this, and in what I am genuinely here to speak about, teach, and share.

And to be even more honest. I started to become so confused with what I was writing because I had all these strategies and must-dos in my head that my purpose and writing became so unclear.  

Interestingly, just as when I was stuck in the diet obsession days, I FULLY KNEW that it wasn't the way for me. But, I wanted my message to spread wide and far, for this business to be successful.

Same with when I was diet & calorie obsessed... I so badly wanted results that I pushed down the voices that told me this was not healthy. 

But, I'm back. I have things in place to ensure that what I share is ALWAYS my truth and not some sh*t I was told to write to get sales :). 

So, welcome! I am super pumped to be back in this space. 

With Love.

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