Breaking Free of Judgement to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Breaking Free of Judgement to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Growing up I always felt drawn to things being right or wrong. I enjoyed math & science for this reason. Nothing could be judged. I either got the answer right or I didn’t.

In this… I could only be judged by my ability to study & understand something - not on my words or creativity.

My career path has been similar. Administration is either recorded correctly or incorrectly. I enjoy the certainty of it.

However, the more & more I break out of this comfort zone - the more fun I have. Creating is fun. What I needed to break free from was allowing other’s judgment to affect my pursuit.

My first BIG attempt at entrepreneurship was the first time I was being judged on what I had alone created. Aside from grade school art classes where I never received more than a C.

My income was based on the content I wrote & whether people valued my offerings or not. Not on whether it was right or wrong. I needed to create new measures of success. To be OK that it wasn’t correct or incorrect.. that it IS subjective. That people who resonate will register. People who don’t - won’t.

This reality was (is) scary! For someone like me who feels such comfort in KNOWING if things are right.

I share this as I know many of us grew up this way. It might be why branching into a side hustle - or full time entrepreneurship - or really giving it a go at something that you love - can feel challenging or almost paralyzing.

So… let’s commit to shifting this. To getting more comfortable with variables - with things just being what they are (…not right or wrong).

Kat Feeney
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