Creating a Life You Love

Creating a Life You Love

Creating a life you love doesn’t mean a life free from pain, but perhaps less. It doesn’t mean a perfect life with a perfect house and a perfect job and free from challenges & tough conversations. It means staying in chaos if you like chaos, attracting peace if you like peace. Or anything in between.

To me… it means

🤸‍♂️ Finding things that you enjoy and making time for them.

👩‍💻 Work that you don't hate so that the challenges that come with it are worth it. 

👯‍♀️ Spending time with people that you genuinely enjoy being around. There's no judgement in choosing not to be around people that you don't jive with.

🚫 Learning your personal boundaries & how to set them.

🤯 Shifting beliefs and thought patterns that suck the life out of you.

✨ Knowing yourself & how to best take care of yourself.

These are things I’m continuing to figure out and build into my life to create a life I love. Sometimes is clunky and I'm not sure how to navigate everything. I'm also recognizing that I can be a seasonal person and want to be around more people during certain times of the year or seasons of life, whereas other times I want small circles and more solo time. 

In this season of my life, I crave peace; peaceful friendships, peaceful surroundings, a more relaxed pace. I want organization at work, to leave on time, take breaks, and relatively low stress. To honour this as much as possible, I'm checking in with myself more and allowing myself to be guided. Do I feel like a self-date night? Cooking with friends? A night in watching Ginny & Georgia? If it brings me peace (i.e. joy) - then it's what I do! 

For the things that I cannot control that are work related, I've created systems and boundaries where needed. Some of those boundaries are energetic where-in even if there is an annoying task, I'm practicing distance from the energy/emotions of it - while still getting it done. If I can, listening to a podcast or music while doing some of the tasks which come easily to me, but I don't particularly want to spend my time on. 

Take some time, find out what works for you. Lean into joy :) 

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