I Am Not An Expert; Real, Raw, Unfiltered

I Am Not An Expert; Real, Raw, Unfiltered

I've never  been one to be claim that I am an expert of anything. I feel called to write about this as it is something that is very common in the coaching industry - regardless of whether you are actually an expert on something or not. 

The online coaching industry - at least my exposure to it and involvement with it - teaches coaches like myself to position themselves as experts. To tell the magnificent transformation story of how you were struggling and now you are thriving and you have the secrets to help everyone else and their cat overcome the same issues. 

Truth is, I am a nutrition coach who doesn't ALWAYS feel fantastic. I have not mastered the entirety of my own health & wellness. Yes, I've made changes that have helped to resolve a lot of my former digestive issues and disordered eating challenges. Yes, I've helped several people feel healthier and change their relationship with food and their body. I'm certainly proud of this and will keep on sharing it!

The thing with sharing and promoting nutrition programs (or anything else) nowadays is that everyone is sharing these massive unicorn dreams as if you can do that with one single program or change. Likely it is a combination of things. So my issue is not with the program that is being spoken about, but the results it claims, which does not disclose what else helped to elicit certain results. 

What works for one person - is not going to work for everyone. There are multiple things at play. For example if I'm selling a 21 day healthy eating program and I say that you can get insane results - it's just not going to be true that it will happen that fast or that your experience would be the same to myself or someone else. 

I just want to be all of me here. Real, raw, unfiltered. To share experiences that have or are helping me - in case that might help you, too. Maybe to feel a little less alone in your thoughts and what's happening in your life - maybe to inspire you at times to see things differently. I no longer wish to only share the pieces that I have figured out / feel that I have mastered. 

I don't have all of the answers for you. I can ask good questions that may lead you to understand yourself in a different way. 

Ending the rant here... for now :) 

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with this in the comments below. 


Kat Feeney 

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