Here I am. All of me.

Here I am. All of me.

Maybe the world needs the story and learnings from exactly where we're at. Not the dream. Not the BIG vision. Yes, I have a dream. I have a vision. And I'll share that with you, too. However, I want to share all the parts. 

So, I'm going to do just that. Share from where I am at right now. In each moment. What I am working on, what I'm challenged with, as well as successes along the way. 

No more "I have picture perfect health and I'm going to teach you how to reach that". Yes, I can and will teach you. But I'm not only going to show the triumph of my health and wellness to sell to you... I'm going to share the wins, but also the struggles. We can make progress in health and make moves and change lives, without being perfect or pretending to be perfect. 

Absolutely, I can teach others to be healthier while still having my own challenges and not be afraid to share them.

I'm 11 years into nutrition coaching, group courses, and being in this online space. I've learned a LOT. I've helped a LOT of people change their habits and live healthier lives. The biggest lesson that I've learned is that living healthily is ongoing. There is no finish line. Healthy isn't something you reach and then you're good to go... it's multifaceted. It changes as we change. Our body's needs change. Our activities change. 

So here it goes... 

The psychology and marketing major, the one who's studied a lot of sales and marketing strategies to sell online. Throwing that all aside to share from my heart. To sell with as much truth as I can. As I always have known to do. 

I refuse to present only the  best side of me in order to get your buy-in. Here I am. All of me. 

Nice to meet you! 



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