She's Smart, She's Savvy, Stop Treating Her Otherwise

She's Smart, She's Savvy, Stop Treating Her Otherwise

She is smart, savvy, and fully capable of making a decision she feels called to make. Not because of sales tactics, but because she is drawn to you. To the way that you ignite her soul, to the way that you lead yourself. She wants access to your world, your coaching by you being YOU.

We need to stop treating our clients/potential clients like they are unable to make the best decision for themselves. That they need a path drawn for them filled with internet markety sales tactics dripped into their inbox in order to say "yes". 

When you create VALUE in your free content and irresistible offers, this is when she will buy. 

She can see right through the copy & paste sales funnel. The same old question sequences in her DM's. Right through the sales call scripts that have been used over and over again. “If you don’t join me, you’ll be in the same place next year, is that what you want?”. She is fiercely driven, coded to succeed. Of course she wants to be in a different place next year. 

And, she will buy because she magnetized to YOU, your content, your truthful words. To feel the energy of you & the brand you have created. She is drawn to the way that you lead yourself, show up in your life, and make it more OK for her to be unapologetically HER, just as you are unapologetically YOU. 

They can see right through the copy & paste sales funnel. It's also f*cking boring content... IMO

They want YOU. To see YOU. Not some perfectly packaged orchestrated process.

Your client… She’s savvy. She’s intelligent. She’s attracted to your content and your vibe. And so she buys. The clients who you are meant to work with - they know when they want something and they buy it. 

Yes, share your offers, keep sharing them. Personally, I usually am the one who signs up at the last hour of the sale - to keep me on my edge. It doesn't matter when she purchases, if it's right for her (which only SHE knows) - she will buy. 


Katherine Feeney

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