You Don't Need Lash Extensions to Be Successful

You Don't Need Lash Extensions to Be Successful

At first glance being a #bossbabe looks like daily workouts, journaling. weekly nail appointments, blowouts, lash extensions, copious amounts of coffee and $13 green juices. 

Perhaps this is true for some women this is what makes them feel their best, most nourished selves. However there are no specific requirements to being a "Girl Boss" - it's all in what legitimately feels best for you. 

For a while, I thought I needed to follow what legit every other woman on the internet was doing in order to look the part and thus be successful. But, actually - what's best is discovering what is true for you and your desired life. 

When I jumped on the bandwagon and had my lashes done, I personally didn't feel any more nourished. So, I don't invest in this. As for getting my nails done, this never makes any practical sense to me - I'd destroy them within a couple hours. I'm a rock climber, trail runner, I enjoy scrambling in the mountains, my nails will never look fancy. Ever.

It's funny, isn't it, that while we all speak on doing things our own way, but yet we feel that we need certain things in order to be successful. 

So, let me ask you this (..and give yourself time to actually feel into it, try different things and see what feels best / most supportive) 

What are the things that Nourish & Support you to give your best? 

  • What meals and beverages nourish you inside and out?
  • Which acts of self care feel best for you? Workouts? Yoga? Breathwork? Facials? How often? 
  • Do you have spiritual practices that encourage you?
  • What are the things that lead you to creativity? 
  • What types of connection do you enjoy? Meals out? Tea dates? Group dinners?
  • Anything else that comes to mind? 

I encourage you to first pay attention to the things that give you energy, and the things that completely drain you. Awareness is the first step to understanding what it is you need to feel supported as a boss. Whether that's foods that cause you to lose focus, or getting distracted by the *shoulds* of a successful entrepreneur. The lashes you MUST get to be seen online and so on. 

I'll be diving more and more into this as we discover together what being a NourishedBoss looks like! It most certainly includes nutrition, but also boundary setting, maintaining energy, being organized, and work-life integration.  

This is just the beginning! 

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