About Kat S. Feeney

Hi I'm Kat, coffee and spreadsheet lover, helping you set-up your business for success and avoid red-flags in the coaching industry.

This is NOT another space with slimy sales tactics to convince you to join my 30K mastermind so that you can build a multiple 7-figure business with no experience and no followers. There are plenty of boSs bAbES who claim they can help with that if it's your jam you want to "journal your way rich" or quantum leap into another universe ;).

I'm just a woman who loves coffee and spreadsheets providing tips to help you set-up your online business finances and *hopefully* avoid unnecessary investments.

Story time...

In 2011 I began offering 1:1 nutrition coaching services and group programs - it was so much fun that I wanted to figure out a way to do this full-time.

I signed up for a $597USD per month 12-month group coaching package. The coach said if I followed their system I would easily pay off my investment and build a 6-figure coaching business so that I could do this full-time.

What I learned in this program: 

  • How to convince other coaches to do an online event so that I had access to their audience.
  • How sell a high-ticket coaching package using manipulative (in my opinion) sales call scripts for a program that was not yet created.

What I did not learn in this program: 

  • How to structure or offer a quality service.
  • How to set up a business structure to earn 6-figures.
  • Anything about money (aside from how to convince people to pay me). 

*Facepalm* Lesson learned. All I accomplished was helping that coach continue her 7-figure earner status and a dent in my bank account of $7,164USD + additional expenses incurred as recommended through the program. Big mistake on my part not asking more questions and being OK with vague answers to the questions that I did ask. Hopefully sharing this helps you see the red flags and not invest in something similar. 

I stopped chasing the shiny promises and learned how to set up business structures, track business finances, and continued offering nutrition coaching programs until ~ 2019. In the last 4 years I've been able to support several small businesses with simple financial tracking and reviews.

So, here I am to help you set yourself up from the beginning and hopefully avoid *scams*.

Let's get tracking!



Kat Feeney