Stop with the "I'll do it when______", Here's How to do it NOW!

Stop with the "I'll do it when______", Here's How to do it NOW!

Hi Love!

As you look into your future.. what are you doing today that you want to be doing ‘then’?

I’ll write when I have more time.
Once I settle into my career, then I’ll focus on eating better.
As soon as I reach my ideal weight - then I’ll start putting myself out there and dating.

But when is then?
I’m all for seasons of prioritizing certain areas of your life. And, I’m also of the thought that we can do it all now if we want to.

Often we don’t have the capacity to do the things we want to do ‘once… happens’ not due to actual time in the day, but rather because we are leaking our energy in places that we don’t need to be.

Stressing about things that are unnecessary to stress about. Consuming content that isn’t meant for us. Spending too much time with people that aren’t a good match for the energy we desire to have.

Taking on worry from those around us. Overthinking. Everything. Trying to keep the peace all the time - pleasing others at the detriment of ourselves.

It’s all capacity - not time!

What can you let go of today to increase your capacity to do NOW what you keep saying you’ll do ‘someday’ / when you have more time?


P.S. Start now, you’re going to do it anyways 🥂👠💲

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