What if my launch flops?

What if my launch flops?

Is it possible that you are holding back launching that course and scaling your offers because you are worried that no one will buy?

Or worse, only one person will buy and see that no one else did?

Or even worse, many people will buy, but it won't be good enough? 

And yet, you have something to share that lights you up. That you KNOW in your heart will help a lot of people who choose to join.

Sure someone else also has a similar offer, but so what? That’s the case with literally everything. Maybe someone needs to hear YOU say the thing, teach in a way that they fully get it.

And honestly… the people who connect with you will buy from you. There actually is no competition, do your thing, there are many people who need it.

At some point we just have to decide it’s going to happen and then find the ‘how’.

If your launch fails at first, keep going. Keep connecting with your audience, learning what it is that they are looking for. Communicate what it is that you are going to help them with.

It's clunky at first if you aren't used to selling something that you created. It does get smoother, though... the more you do it, the less awkward it will be! You might think that's no true as everyone you follow sounds to eloquent and confident, but TRUST me, they've been doing this for a LONG time and felt just as awkward when they began as you might.

Keep trying until you get it!

Start now… you’re going to do it anyways

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