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Module 1: Rewrite Your Health Story

Rewrite Your Health Story PDF Download


Module 2: Counting & Intuitive Eating

Counting & Intuitive Eating PDF Download


Module 3: Ditch Comparison & Own Your Worth

PDF Download

Module 4: Foundations of Nutrition (taken from a former course)


PDF: The Foundations Of Nutrition

Writing exercise: What are your goals for the next 3 months, 6 months, year? Not only that, but what do you optimally want? Share with us in the Facebook Group.

Module 5: Simplifying Your Meal Plan

PDF: Simplify Your Meal Plan

Module 6: Mastering Nutrition

 PDF: Superfoods

Module 7: Uplevel Your Digestive System


PDF: Digestion Guide

Module 8: When To Supplement; Password: Healthy

PDF: Supplements

Module 9: How To Keep Making Progress; Password: Healthy