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NourishedBoss. Academy

NourishedBoss. Academy

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For driven boss women who want to make nutrition easier on themselves. The NourishedBoss. Academy helps you to focus on nourishment rather than deprivation so that you can enjoy food without overthinking it.

Reach *your* ideal health, while ditching comparison to others. Feel confident in your skin. And become the healthiest & happiest version of YOU!  


Module 1: Rewrite Your Health Story 

Module 2: Ditch Comparison & Own Your Worth  

Module 3: Counting vs. Intuitive Eating 

Module 4: Foundations of Nutrition 

Module 5: Supplements

Module 6: Simplify Your Meal Plan 

Module 7: Optimizing Nutrition so that you can THRIVE! 

Module 8: Uplevel Your Digestive System 

Bonus Module: How To Keep Making Progress (Healthy Habits Club)

What Else is Included: 

*6x weekly meal plans - including grocery lists

*Several recipe guides with simple and nutritious recipes

*Easy substitutions for gluten free, dairy free, or other allergens / preferences.

Being healthy and confident in your body doesn't have to be stressful, start doing it with more with ease.

This is a self-study course which you receive instant access to & all future trainings if/when added to the course. 

xoxo, Kat Feeney

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